Comedy show perfect for out-door-events.
Show duration around 60 minutes.

Thanks to the years of experience in street shows, it is only a question of minutes that Mister Jonny 5 build a big crowd around him. Only armed with a microphone and 5 folding chairs, he captivates his audiences with his amazing quick and witty improvisations, using the slogan: Laughter is the best medicine.

For demo movie and technical fiche click the show picture or here.

Comedy show for in- and out-door-events.
Show duration around 75 minutes.

Hollywood, the place where everybody want to be one time and Mister Jonny 5 make that dream come real. Find the right volunteers in the audience is one thing, but to know how they give there best, that's Mister Jonny 5.
Magic show for in-and out-door-events.
Show duration around 45 minutes.

It's about the magic moment and this is exactly what Mister Jonny 5 reached with this show. All looks like a small magic show at the beginning, but then the show grow up until, for the perfect surprise of the audience, Mister Jonny 5 has disappeared.

Walk akt for out-door-events.
Show duration individual.

Walking streets or large boring places, they all are getting alive, when Mister Jonny 5 plays with the passing people. With a lot comedy he improvised and so nearly every passerby becomes a little actor and slowly but shurely the passing people are getting into standby to watch others.

Walk akt for in- and out-door-events.
Show duration individual.